September 27: Why are we protesting in front of UN offices around the world?

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On July 23, 2016 the Enlightening Movement staged its second huge peaceful protest in Kabul. Unfortunately the protest was targeted by suicide attacks which left 85 civilians dead and around 300 others injured. The Enlightening Movement demanded that the Turkmenistan power transmission line  pass via Bamiyan-Maidan Wardak for the sake of balanced development. However, the Afghan government rejected this demand. That is why the movement staged protests in Kabul and other Afghan provinces and even in other countries. From the Enlightening Movement’s perspective, currently the Afghan government has lost its legitimacy due to the fact that not only did it not respond to the demands of the movement, but also it at the very least was negligent in providing security for the protest of July 23. Given the above facts, the Enlightening Movement this time stages protest on Sep 27, 2016 in front of UN offices around the world, to ask the global community to pressure the Afghan government to accept the demands of the millions of supporters of the Enlightening Movement.

Those who wish to print huge street billboards in their own city/country can download the original size through the following link

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