British Hazara Protest in Londo: Stop Violence Against Hazaras in Afghanistan

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Hundreds of British Hazaras and human rights activists protested in front of British Defence Ministry today demanding UK act in Afghanistan to stop violence against Hazara.

Protest Resolution:

On October 28, 2018, the Taliban launched an attack on Hazarajat, first Uruzgan and then Jaghori and Malistan, in the central part of Afghanistan. Hundreds of Hazaras have been slaughtered, and tens of thousands of Hazaras have been forcefully displaced. The schools have been burnt to ashes. Communication antennae struck down. Houses looted and destroyed. The families have fled to Ghazni, Bamyian and Kabul where they have no food, medicine or shelter and are being supported by the local population. This is the latest outrage against Hazaras, who are targeted more and more by the Taliban and ISIS, frequently when on the highway.

The Taliban are equipped with the latest weaponry such as thermal night vision and snipers and other laser goggles. Whilst in Khas Uruzgan, Jaghori and Malistan, no substantial government force was initially sent to repel the insurgents. Instead, defence of the villages fell to untrained civilian resistance fighters armed only with basic equipment.

The Ministry of Interior spokesman said that two units of territorial army forces comprising 6000 personnel have been organised to maintain security in these two districts and will be assigned for the security of the areas once they complete their military training. This would strengthen the buffer zone of Ghazni which, if it falls, would allows the Taliban free access on the highway to Kabul.

Earlier this month, the UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said “a report in September challenged us to consider if we could do more on atrocity prevention because there are times when farsighted action could potentially prevent some of the appalling things that happen, so yes we (UK) are absolutely committed to doing that.” The Secretary of State for defence, Gavin Williams, wrote to Theresa May recommended more troops to be sent to Resolute Support. Saying “Whenever the call comes, the UK is always one of the first to step up and support our friends and allies across the globe.”

The purpose of the Resolute Support Mission is to help the Afghan security forces and institutions develop the capacity to defend Afghanistan and protect its citizens in a sustainable manner.

1. In view of the Afghan Ministry of the Interior’s proposed plan, and the UK’s Foreign and Defence Secretaries’ statements. we urge the Ministry of Defence to fulfil Resolute Support Mission’s purpose to work with the Afghan government to provide substantial, effective, well equipped and sustainable defense forces in Hazarajat in general and specifically those areas susceptible to insurgents’ aggression.

2. Furthermore, we urge Resolute Support to work with the Afghan government to widen the proposed increased security to provide protection to Hazaras and all communities across Afghanistan.

Photos by Esmat Amean

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