Sleep Well, Little Boy, You Cute Little Boy!

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To thousands of innocent children brutally killed in Nazi concentration camps in Poland and elsewhere in Europe




I see you.

I see you with my eye.

I am sure; I am not dreaming, I’m awake!

With my senses and consciously

I see you, I feel you, I believe!

Do not hide yourself!

You cute little boy!

Don’t be shy!


I brought you a doughnut;

With cream and chocolate,

The one I know you like a lot,

But do not stain your clothes,

Wash your hands when you’re done.

Then go play or what you want.

I have a little boy, the same as you;

Smiley and shy with beautiful shiny eyes. 



Come to me,

Don’t be afraid,

I am not a soldier,

I am not a monster,

I am just a person; I am just a father,

I have a little boy, the same as you;

Smiley and shy with beautiful shiny eyes.

You remind me, my own boy,

You cute little boy!


The soldiers are gone away,

Far away, too far, behind those mountains,

You see?!

Ask your mommy!

There are no more monsters.

There are no more guns, no more tanks,

And the rumble that you hear,

That makes you so afraid, is just a nightmare!

Calm down and relax,

Your mommy now sings you a happy little song.  

So be happy and smile!


Hey, Mommy!

Isn’t it true?!

That the soldiers are gone away?!

And there aren’t any monsters on the way?

And your boy can easily go and play?!

Oh, Mommy, tell your cute little boy,

To change his clothes, these pajamas are dirty,

They are ugly, stinky, old and rough,    

They are worn, it is enough!


You, cute little boy,

Come closer, let me see!

Oh My God! Your forehead is burning,

You have a high fever,

And I know you suffer,

Your stomach is empty,

Your lips are crispy, 

Your feet are wounded,

Your hands are cold,

I can see it in your eyes, 

I can feel it from your face,

That is red,

That is pale,

And full of several pains.

But resist!!!!

Do not close your eyes, 

The sun is about to rise,

The doctors are on the way,

Meanwhile, count the stars in the sky,

Your mommy now sings you a little song. 

Soon the dawn comes along,

Tomorrow is a new day;

Brighter and cleaner,

No smokes, No gunfire!

No solders, No monsters!


Close your eyes little boy,

Sleep well, little boy, you cute little boy!

It’s too late and it is night!

Everywhere is darkened; there is no hope for light.   

You cute little boy, sleep well and goodnight!

You don’t need to be afraid, anymore!

Everything is alright, everywhere is quiet,  

There is no more gunfire,  

That wakes you up and burst your ears

There are no humans, there are no soldiers,

There are no commanders, there are no monsters!


Everybody is gone, there is no conscience,

Your mommy is just here, that is embracing you

So tightly, so warmly, that no one else can do that,

She is here to sing you a lullaby; a sweet one

To make you sleep well, and see good dreams

Sleep well, little boy, we will see tomorrow,

We all then play, sing, laugh and altogether eat doughnuts! 


Oh My God!

I slapped my face and I was sleeping, not awake!

I can’t find the little boy!

Where is he?! Where are those beautiful eyes?!

Was it just a dream?! Where is the little boy, that cute little boy?!

Oh My God! It was just a dream, a bad one; a nightmare!  


It was just a dream, I’m sorry little boy, you cute little boy!

I can’t do anything!

I can’t bring you a doughnut,

I can’t buy you new clothes, 

I can’t buy you new shoes,

I can’t cure your wounds.

I can’t fill your stomach.

I can’t touch your forehead,

I can’t sing you a song,

I can’t play with you,

I am sorry little boy, you cute little boy!

I am just confused!

I just doubt that I exist.

You exist but I do not!

Perhaps it was you dreaming me!

You cute little boy!

No one is awake right now; everybody is asleep, even the consciences!

Or maybe I and you were dreaming each other! But nothing we can do!

I am sorry, little boy, you cute little boy!


KL Auschwitz-concentration camp

KL Auschwitz- Birkenau concentration camp












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