Harder Days Yet to Come for the Hazaras of Afghanistan

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While the Taliban are surrounding the Hazara areas in Ghazni province, the Afghan government has already dismantled all the local security forces of Malistan, Jaghuri, Nawur and Qarabagh districts and asked them to consign the military equipments and weapons to the central government. No government forces are going to replace them to fill the vacuum and the inhabitants are left alone to face the Taliban’s attacks. 

The local security forces in Hazara areas of Ghazni were formed three years ago when the Taliban attacked these areas and invaded parts of Urozgan, Malistan, and Jaghuri districts killing numerous civilians, burning their houses. These forces were under the control of the Ministry of Interior and National Directorate of Security- the Afghan Intelligence Services).

Without the local security forces in the Hazara districts of Ghazni, there are not any forces to protect these areas Taliban’s severe offenses against local civilians. As an example, the district of Malistan with an area of 2214 KM² area has only 30 police force members including the officers for the security of the entire district. 

On January 29th Hazaras were targeted in Behsud, another Hazara district in Maidan Wardak Province, but this time by the Afghan Security Forces who opened fire on civilian demonstrators killing 11 and leaving dozens wounded.

Later on a delegation consisting of members of parliament and government officials were sent from Kabul to Behsud to investigate the tragedy and their findings marked a war crime against civilians and consequently the MOI announced the guiltiness of Afghan Military Forces, but the culprit officer Alladad Fedaye has not been officially introduced neither to the Attorney General office, nor to a Military Court, yet. 

The Hazaras in addition to facing systematic discrimination, are ultimately the victims of different complots by the Afghan Government, thus the harder days are yet to come for these defenseless people, whose security has never been guaranteed by the Afghan Government, that considers them outsiders.

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