British involvement in recent air raids on Hazara villages in Behsud, Afghanistan

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Given the dark history of British involvement in the Hazara genocide of 1890s, Great Britain must immediately stop bombing the Hazara villages of Behsud in Afghanistan. On January 29th, Allahdad Fedae ordered his forces to kill unarmed protesters in Behsud, Maidan Wardak. This horrendous killing sparked armed clashes between locals and government forces in Behsud. On March 17th, Ashraf Ghani, the corrupt president of Afghanistan appointed Allahdad Fidae as police chief for Laghman province. He should have been arrested & sent to prison, but no on the contrary he was awarded for killing Hazara civilians in Behsud, Maidan Wardak. Such attacks are deliberately targeting the Hazara civilians and the Hazara population find this attacks by Afghan government unjust and oppressive towards the Hazara community in Afghanistan.
Considering the history of Hazara persecution in Afghanistan and the recent deliberate killing of Hazara civilians in Behsud-Maidan Wardak, Jibrael-Herat and the serious upcoming threats Hazaras face both from the Taliban and the Afghan Government side, we call for an independent inquiry into the Hazara situation in Afghanistan. Hazara community has no problem with the forigen forces in Afghanistan and we advice them to avoid taking sides. There are reports of British involvement in recent air raids on Hazara villages in Behsud, Maidan Wardak and such raids must immediately stop. Behsud is a deprived district home to thousands of Hazaras who have constantly faced yearly attacks from Taliban and armed Kuchis. Afghan Govt has always rejected any local request for better protection, justice implementation and cooperation. When the government is totally failing to provide any kind of assistance or security for Hazara villages in Behsud, the villagers have a natural right to defend their families, dignity and territory.

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