Digital Hazaristan/ e-Hazaristan to Construct Digital Identity and Form a Digital Nation

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Kabul Press: The idea of Digital Hazaristan/ e-Hazaristan has moved one step further toward realization. A group of Hazara experts has gathered from different fields to investigate the possibilities of Digital Hazaristan/ e-Hazaristan, an ecosystem to empower the Hazara of Hazaristan and accelerate the establishment of their fundamental human rights. Here, technology is the critical enabler of this multidisciplinary long-term strategic plan.

On the official website of Digital Hazaristan/ e-Hazaristan, also called Digital Hazaristan ( and (, it has stated that “our mission is to empower the Hazara of Hazaristan by constructing a self-sovereign identity, building the ecosystem of e-Hazaristan, and forming a digital nation, based on fundamental human rights principles and the goals of the hazaristan charter.

Hazara Protest with Hazaristan flag in Germany against Hazara Genocide: #StopHazaraGenocide

One of the goals in chapter one of the Hazaristan Charter is to “form a Digital Hazaristan (e-Hazaristan) and establish high security and privacy-protected digital identity along with issuing a national identification number and conducting a census of Hazaristan citizens.”

The benefits and challenges of constructing a digital identity for the Hazara as a stateless nation have been investigated in research conducted by Hazara poet and IT specialist Kamran Mir Hazar.


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