Digital Hazaristan: Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future for the Hazara Nation

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Press Release:

Digital Hazaristan: Building a Sovereign Digital Future for the Hazara Stateless Nation

February 22, 2024 – Digital Hazaristan, a pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the Hazara stateless nation, is thrilled to announce its official registration. This momentous achievement marks a crucial step forward in realizing our vision for a secure and self-determined digital future for the Hazara community.

“With this official registration,” declared Kamran Mir Hazar, Founder of Digital Hazaristan, “we have taken a crucial step forward in realizing our vision for a secure and self-determined digital future for the Hazara community. The Hazara people have faced unique challenges throughout their history, and digital inclusion is a crucial step towards overcoming these challenges and building a brighter future. By leveraging the power of technology and fostering collaborative partnerships, we aim to address these challenges, unlocking the full potential of the Hazara community and empowering them to actively participate in the global digital landscape. This journey holds immense significance, not only for the Hazara community but also for advancing the principles of digital inclusion and self-determination for marginalized communities worldwide.”

Building a Brighter Digital Future for the Hazara Stateless Nation:

Digital Hazaristan is developing a robust Hazara self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework as the cornerstone of the Digital Hazaristan Ecosystem. This framework will empower the Hazara community to:

  • Securely access essential services like healthcare, education, and financial resources.
  • Exercise their rights and engage in civic participation online and offline.
  • Build a stronger collective identity and foster community cohesion.

“This framework will be developed within a transparent and accountable regulatory environment, adhering to international standards and safeguarding individual privacy, aligned with the goals of the Hazaristan Charter,” emphasized Kamran Mir Hazar.

Empowering Access to Essential Services:

Digital Hazaristan is developing a robust Hazara self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework that will be instrumental in facilitating access to essential services for millions of Hazara people around the world. This framework will:

  • Enable secure and reliable identification: This empowers individuals to interact with service providers in the digital realm, unlocking access to online platforms and services.
  • Promote trust and transparency: The SSI framework fosters trust between individuals and service providers, enhancing the delivery and utilization of essential services.
  • Support service provider outreach: By creating a robust digital infrastructure, Digital Hazaristan aims to facilitate service providers in reaching and engaging with the Hazara community more effectively.

Examples of essential services facilitated by the ecosystem could include:

  • Healthcare: Secure access to online medical consultations, appointment scheduling, and health information management.
  • Education: Enabling participation in online learning platforms, educational resources, and digital credentialing.
  • Financial resources: Facilitating secure online financial transactions, access to microloans, and other financial services.
  • Digital Democracy: Empowering participation in online voting processes and referendums for democratic institutions such as the Dai Parliament of Hazaristan.

It’s important to note that Digital Hazaristan does not directly provide these services but acts as a catalyst, empowering individuals and service providers to connect and interact within the secure and efficient digital ecosystem.

Join Us in Building a Model for Change:

Digital Hazaristan is committed to a collaborative and responsible approach, working closely with the Hazara community and seeking partnerships with organizations that share our vision. We invite you to:

  • Learn more and support our work: Visit our website.
  • Spread awareness: Share this press release and engage in conversations about digital inclusion for marginalized communities.
  • Join our collaborative efforts: We welcome partnerships with organizations committed to empowering marginalized communities through innovative solutions.

Together, we can create a brighter digital future for the Hazara community and inspire positive change for marginalized communities worldwide.


About Digital Hazaristan:

Digital Hazaristan is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a sustainable and human-centered digital nation for the Hazara stateless nation. Through innovative technology, capacity building, and collaborative partnerships, the organization aims to empower the Hazara community, uphold their fundamental human rights, and ensure their secure and private participation in the digital age.

Digital Hazaristan is registered under the following International Classification of Non-Profit Organizations (ICNPO):

  • Research and Development
  • Civic and Advocacy Organizations
  • International Activities

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