Tell the next PM where we stand on refugees

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As ethnic Hazaras in Afghanistan, Najeeba and her family faced constant abuse, threats and violence. That’s why they risked their lives to travel on a leaky boat to Australia, in search of a life free of persecution and violence.

Najeeba (second from left) with her brother Mahdi (far left) and sisters Nooria (far right) and Raihana © Hamish Gregory

“When I am outside, I don’t have to worry about being attacked or raped because I’m a girl. Australia is the first country that gave me a name, an identity, peace and security.”

Najeeba, Afghan refugee

“We knew the journey was very dangerous” says Najeeba, “but to stay was certain death.”

Don’t let the leaders of our political parties offload people like Najeeba to some of the world’s poorest countries – far away from lawyers, the media and public – under a ‘regional solution’.
Tell our next Prime Minister where you stand

Sign the petition in the right hand column calling on the next Prime Minister of Australia to:

* Think again about the way we treat asylum seekers while their claims are being processed.
* Stop discriminating against Afghan asylum seekers by refusing to process their claims – this policy is unfair and breaks both domestic and international law.
* Ensure that all asylum seekers who arrive in Australia, are processed in Australia. Sending people who have fled persecution to an impoverished island nation is an inhumane and inefficient policy.

We’ve set a target of 20,000 signatures, to be delivered to our next Prime Minister on the first day of sitting for new parliament – let’s make sure our voices are really heard.

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