Hazara International Forum strongly condemns targeted killings of Hazaras in Kabul, Afghanistan

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LONDON, August 14th, 2010: Hazara International Forum strongly condemns unprovoked assault on property and life of Hazaras in various areas of Kabul, Afghanistan. The unfortunate incident, happening on 13th August, 2010 in different areas of West Kabul, has engulfed lives of over 25 innocent Hazaras who fell victim to indiscriminate firing of the Pashtun cum Taliban Nomads in perpetual attack. The Pashtun Nomads were helped by Afghan National Army and the Local Police who neglected their professional responsibilities of protecting lives and property of citizens but spared no time in opening fire at people protesting against ferocious attack of the Pashtun Nomads.

HIF is deeply saddened of irreparable loss of human lives and condoles with the aggrieved families. HIF Central Chairman, Agha Marzooq Ali has called an emergency meeting of the Central Committee on Sunday, (15-08-2010) at its headquarters to chalk out a pragmatic plan to take up this grievous issue with the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and European Union. A delegation of Afghan Hazaras have also requested to meet the HIF Chairman and its members the same day to raise a concrete voice against brutalities and atrocities of the Pashtun Nomads who are being supported by the Taliban and local leaders to attack innocent Hazaras in Afghanistan.

Liaquat Ali Hazara
Press and Communication,
Hazara International Forum

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  1. Ferzan

    Very sad to read once this foolish excercise of Kandaharis of Afghanistan. I would like to share my views on the future of this country in the way that Afghanistan is still in the hand of foolish Kandaharis (Southern ignorant and wild Pashtoons) who never wants to develop Afghanistan. The Western community including USA have to realize that these are wild people who never know humanity, society, government, civilization and laws and regulations. By looking at recent games against Tajiks, Hazaras and other communities Kandari ignorant leader Mr. Karzai and his ignorant team once again have started the history such as dividing them and ruling. Kazai (Mr. Kandahari who was once lesbian) is the leader of this ignorant people. It has been observed that people by the name of Kochi has been the tools of this ignorant people who are completly wild like animal. If a reserach will be conducted the research will prove they are not yet civilized. They are like animals in forest. Their body’s are full of hairs and they are eating raw food without cooking them. Kochis have been trained to capture the lands of non-pasthoon communities in Afghanistan with high support of Kandhari or Southern Pashtooons. They only know this tactics how to create confusions and entropies among non-pashtoon and nothing else. In the history of this poeple you will never find a well educated individual. Karzai is one of this ignorant comunity. It has been observed that Kandahari’s have recently used such techtics with the huge support of so called puppit center government to divide Hazaras of Kabul. They have cent Koches to disturb the poeple of district 13 and 6 of Kabul and later one have sent the ignorant National police to stop the clashes. It has observed that the police were trained to kill Hazaras in order to disturb their participation in the upcoming Parlimenterian Election and to greater extent this tactic has been successful. Now the Hazara communities after the event is completely disturb which may affect their partcipantion in the upcoming election. In the same way Karzai governement is completly against the so called National reconciliation in Afghanistan. I would like to suggest the western community to be wise in supporting Kandaharis any more if they want to bring peace in this World. Kandaharis are not pro peace, they are supporting the insurgents and Alqaeda to create conflicts again in Afghanistan. Recently, Mr.Hamid or karzai the representative of this ignorant community has announcedd a decree to disband security companies who have been killed some wilds in the South of Afghanistan. Why Karzai is not releasing a decree to disband its foolish Police and Army who killed more than 20 innocent poeple of Kabul in the recent clash of South of Kabul created by karzai and Kandaharis. Farzan USA