Mastung attack: Where is humanity?

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  1. Abrar Hussain

    Dear Hazaras
    My friend has raised the core and absolute question from all of our leaders and has the right to ask, being HAZARA i think if the Leaders of Hazars in Afghanistan departs them selves from the HAZARA’s of QUETTA let them be, because other then that they can do nothing excepting being depart
    Let be pray GOD BLESS ALL OF US

  2. hazara

    Dear brothers,

    when we say that we are hazaras then why there is differences between the hazaras of afghanistan and Pakistan, both are hazara and both have same language and tradition. If the hazaras of quetta are being killed, the hazaras of afghanistan never like to protest for them, but when there is target killing of hazaras in Behsud, then they come to streets everywhere and start protest, its a very shameful for us. Its because of this differences, that today our enemies attack on us but we never think about it. Its about three to four years that the hazaras of quetta are being targeted by the Pakistani extremist groups but we have never seen any comments from the hazara leaders in afghanistan which is very shameful to us. I have never seen any comment from Sima Samar, who call herself the head of the Human rights commissions of Afghanistan and I have never seen any comment from Moaqiq who call himself the leader of the hazaras of Afghanistan, he can come to Pakistan and meet with the Pakistan govt. and talk about the situation of Quetta.

    I think if we get united, then no one has a right to attack on us, but the hazaras of afghanistan never think about it, which is very shameful.

    God bless you all